Things we want to do

There are many things we would like to do. But just wishing is, unfortunately, not enough. It requires money, competence and hard work. Here you can find a list of projects we have started or we are only planning. We hope you will help us to move these projects on our accomplishment page.

Thank you in advance.

We have an LDV minibus (similar to the one in the picture) that needs urgent repairing work for direction, suspension and break system. Without the minibus it is very difficult to reach the school classes or the kindergarten (especially for the ones below fourth grade), to go to the doctor, in the park or in small trips. Only the necessary spare parts require about 1,500 €. Minibus current repair

Multi-functional sport ground
We would like to finalize a multi-functional sport ground that will allow us to practice various sports (soccer, tennis, volleyball). To accomplish this we would need 10 rectangular steel bars (5/5/3), 80 panels of wire net (2,5x2m), 10 truck of baluster and 300 bags of cement.

To finalize the playground for the younger ones we would need a couple of things: two gliders, a rocking chair and two small plastic playhouses. Playground finalization

We wish to build a greenhouse where we could cultivate at least a part of the vegetables we need, from early spring till late autumn. The greenhouse would help us to save the money we are paying now in the market for vegetables. Plus we would be certain that our nourishment is made of fresh food, free from dangerous chemicals.

A small farm for poultry and animals would be great to ensure the proteins required for our growth, at reasonable prices. We could breed chickens for eggs and meat, 1 or 2 pigs and maybe other poultry and animals for our own consumption. Poultry and animals small farm