Our house

We enjoy a lot being in plain air, and being in the middle of the nature. But sometimes weather is not on our side and in such times you may find us in the playing room. Here we may draw, paint or do other activities that amuse us, but also teach us valuable new things.

Being children, toys are very important to us, especially for the younger ones. Many of them where offered by other children and, while playing with those toys, we feel that the givers are beside us. This feeling make our joy even greater.

The kitchen is the place where we all gather, mostly in the evening, and enjoy together the trencher that God gave us, as a payment for our work, but also through your egenrosity. We are grateful for everything you already gave us and we thank you in advance for everything you are going to give us from now on.

We are contributing to the daily home jobs, according our knowledge and strength. It's a responsibility, but also a chance to work together.

At the end of each day, as a new step toward our future, it's time for resting. In our bedrooms a warm and comfortable bed waits for us, to restore our strengths for the next day. Because there is still a long road ahead us if we want our dreams to become reality.

Night after night, day after day, God watches over us and, through the love He seeds in your hearts, we receive the support we need to achieve our dreams.