Tools and methods

A. Educational approach

The file for learning basic notions of hygiene and behavior:

  • washing (teeth, body), finger nail cutting, combing
  • clothes maintenance, personal cleaning, room cleaning, in common spaces, at the playground etc
  • behavior (how to address in public)
  • dressing code
  • eating manners
  • street behavior (walking, showing respect to others, to animals and nature)

  • animal care
  • gardening
  • cleaning the rooms
  • showing respect and care for objects used for working, playing etc

The scholar file:
  • learning to use writing materials
  • speaking exercises (learning correct Romanian language)
  • writing exercises
  • drawing exercises, working with plasticine, playing logical games, amusement and building games
  • learning at least 100 words in English or other international language

B. Behavioral approach

  • following the integration in the foster house, reactions toward the other children
  • teaching the child to cross the street, the way of addressing to others, the usage of phone, the behavior during walking (in the park, at the theater, in crowded places)
  • sport practicing

C. Emotional approach

  • providing the child with attention, affection and compassion
  • permanent discussions with the child (to achieve emotional attachment between child and tutor)
  • visiting other foster houses
  • visiting frequently cult institutions
  • visiting street kids for charity reasons
  • working with a psychologist

D. Social approach

Demarches to obtain identity documents

  • searching the family, when unknown, through specific means (police, mass-media etc)
  • contacting the family and discussing the child situation
  • inviting the family to visit the foster house
  • encouraging the child to make home visits
  • attempting to place the child again inside his/her family

Identifying families willing to regularly visit one ore more children
  • encouraging these families to take the child with them for short visits, to the theater or movies, in short trips, after a careful checking of such families

Christian baptizing (when appropriate).