Children Charter

The beneficiaries of the social services have the following rights:

  1. Warranty and respect of fundamental rights and liberties, with no discrimination of gender, nationality, race, religion or opinion
  2. Access to sheltering and nourishment according state laws and regulations
  3. Access to education
  4. Access to medical assistance
  5. Access to religious guidance
  6. Respect of own privacy and dignity
  7. Respect of own propriety
  8. Growing in a family-like environment
  9. Growing in a secure and functional environment
  10. Growing together with his/her brothers and sisters
  11. Freedom to express opinions
  12. Access to extra-scholar activities
  13. Support for development of personal professional abilities
  14. Protection against racism and all forms of discrimination
  15. Protection against sexual abuse and any form of ill-treatment
  16. Protection against economical exploitation
  17. Cultural and religious identity
  18. Confidentiality of personal information
  19. Access to natural family information and personal history
  20. Support for reintegration in the natural family
  21. Space and privacy during visits of his/her natural family
  22. Access to information
  23. Access to information concerning decisions affecting him/her and their motivation
  24. Access to information about risks related to hs/her age
  25. Access to information about his/her health
  26. Being subject of constraints imposed by state laws and regulations
  27. Access to services foreseen in the intervention plan
  28. Freedom to express religious, cultural or sexual orientations in conformity with state laws and regulations
  29. Access to common spaces
  30. Express his/her opinion concerning daily dishes
  31. Freedom to decide the necessary food quantity
  32. Freedom to complain and to make suggestions
  33. Freedom to refuse what is not considered in his/her own interest
  34. Access to outside activities (park, museums, theaters etc)
  35. Provision of decent clothes
  36. Provision of growing in a safe and sanitary environment
  37. Own opinion concerning services provided to him/her
  38. Provision of fair answers to his/her requests
  39. Access to decision taking process in matters that concern him/her personally
  40. Access to the complaint register where he/she can record the opinions, complaints or suggestions
  41. Access to information about the content of this charter

Equally, they have the following obligations:

  1. To attend the classes of the education system
  2. To respect each others opinions
  3. To respect each other propriety
  4. To refrain from injuring any other person
  5. To refrain from destroying the goods they are using
  6. To maintain a decent appearance
  7. To behave in a civilized manner
  8. To submit to periodical medical controls or any time it is required
  9. To respect other people religious believes
  10. To respect the internal regulations, including labor protection and fire prevention

Also, the beneficiaries of the social services have the following responsibilities:

  1. To participate at cleaning activities and to maintain order inside the foster house
  2. To help the maintenance of clothing and footwear
  3. To help the irrigation of the garden and orchard
  4. To protect nature and animals
  5. To participate to extra-scholar activities