The parents

Myself, Liviu Guias, I am putting these thoughts on this page. When I arrived in the world, more than forty years ago, my redes gave me a tough life, full of privations, being abandoned by my own mother when I was 2 years old. Year after year, fighting hunger and all kind of privations, I managed to make my way in the world. I lived a long time through foreigners. Now I have my own family: Mihaela, my wife, and our three children.

In 2000, together with my family and two other special people we created the Children Against Darkness Foundation, which changed its name to Casa Lidia Foundation in 2010. Thank to You, God. Today, after 10 years of existence and 14 years of ceaselessly work, 16 children are finding their shelter in our house, plus my three natural kids. Orphans or abandoned, girls or boys, blonds or brunets, catholics or orthodoxes, aged between 3 and 18 years old.

There is no better payment for all the work and efforts than to see them healthy, growing with each day bigger and bigger, full of hopes in their hearts that they will succeed in life, just as we did. To us, hearing their voices while praying before each meal, it seems like heaven on earth.