Frequently asked questions

People who visit us ask a lot of questions and this brings as joy because it means they care about us and want to know as much as possible about our life. Some questions are more frequent, so we thought to answer them here and make them available for all those willing to understand.

What type of support you receive from state authorities?

Unfortunately the Romanian state does not provide us with any help. At the beginning of 2009 the senator Iulian Orban visited us and then he wrote an article about us in his blog, promising that he will personally help us to become a foundation of public utility, which would give us access to financial support from the authorities, but so far this initiative didn't become a reality.

What kind of support should we bring to the children?

Most frequently people bring us clothes. We have large quantities of such articles and we hardly succeed to categorize them and to identify the useful ones. Therefore we kindly ask you to consult "How you may help" section of this website to find out which are our current real needs. Also, if you can help us accomplish our projects we would be grateful.

Why did you changed the foundation name?

We had a number of problems and inconveniences using the previous name of the foundation: Children Against Darkness. Many were asking what is the relationship between children and darkness. On fiscal documents we had to write the fuill name, but often it didn't fit because of its length. The authorities had their bureaucratic issues with this long name. Therefore we decided to change it. We proposed three alternatives: Angel House, Children House and Lidia House - among these names the court had to pick one. It picked Lidia House (Casa Lidia).