Our values

It's difficult to make your way in today's world and nobody knows it better than us. But every day we make a step forward and we put all our hopes in a few things that we believe in.

After 1989 God allowed us, the Romanian people, to enjoy freedom and democracy. It's a pity that, along these gifts, some bad things made their way toward us, things that were less present in the previous years. The care for own children was forgotten, while manier and manier of us are neglected or, even worse, abused by their own parents. The abuses determined some of the children to escape from their homes and to seek a refugee in the big cities, innocently hoping to find a better life. But their calvary is only about to begin. They live in dirty sewage channels, being sold to pedophiles or organ dealers, obliged to prostitute, to beg for money or to steel. Living each day in such circumstances, many give up their hopes and find their relief in families conceived in the sewage system, bringing to life other unfortunate children, condamned to poverty and sufferance.

Very few of people understand how serious things are. Equally few realize that it is much easier to help a child to have a normal life, compared to the effort of recovering an adult, which was traumatized by such a childhood. Statistics show us that 80% of those having such a life as a child, living in the sewages and being submitted to all kinds of abuses, become delinquents. Who can estimate the cost of their sufferance? What about the sufferance caused by them to people they are stealing from, that are raping or even murdering when they grow up as adults?

We believe that God gave people the LIGHT:

Liberty as a right to build their own life,
Imagination to create a better world,
Generosity in everything they do and conceive,
Hope for a better tomorrow,
Trust in their own strengths.

If all these values would fill the hearts and souls of every human being, the darkness would disappear and the world would be a a better place that it is today. These are the things we believe in at Casa Lidia Foundation.