Who are we?

In just a few words, Casa Lidia Foundation is a foster house that helps children like ourselves, abandoned or orphans, to live in a family and to build their own life.

It's hard and beautiful, at the same time. It's hard beacause it requires a lot of work and the help of many people. But it's equally beautiful when we find around us people with hearts full of love and compassion, and our dream are slowly becoming reality.

If you want to know more about it, visit this website or ask Liviu and Mihaela Guias - who created this foundation - and you will learn about everything we accomplish together through work, but also through love, ours and of those who ceaselessly helped us to make our way in the world.

Unfortunately we don't receive any kind of help from the state authorities, nor financing from European funds, therefore we have relied so far only on us and on those with heart full of generosity. We are certain that your heart is filled with love, thus we hope you will become our friend.